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St Philip Howard

Catholic Primary School


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Who's Who

Headteacher Mrs M. Waugh
Assistant Head Mrs S. Gajjar
Assistant Head

Mrs L. Field

School Business Manager Mrs L. Chamberlain

Phase Leaders

Key Stage

Foundation Stage

Mrs S. Gajjar

Key Stage 1

Mrs J. Browne

Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs A. Kress

Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs P. Day

Teaching Staff Mrs L. Badger Snowflakes B
Mrs V. Claridge Snowflakes C

Miss R. Brassington

Mrs S. Harvey-Smith Sunshine
Mrs L. Hulley Class 1H
Mrs E. James Class 1J
Mrs J. Browne/Miss L. Margesson Class 2B
Miss E. Conway/Miss L. Margesson Class 2C
Miss A. McKeon Class 3M
Miss O. Thompson Class 3T
Miss M. Greener Class 4G
Mrs A Kress/Miss L. Margesson Class 4K
Mrs B. Ives Class 5I
Miss A. Hughes Class 5H
Miss R. Goss Class 6G
Mrs P. Day/Miss L. Margesson Class 6D
Mrs S. Cooper Music / MFL
Miss L. Margesson  
School Office Staff Miss C. Reid
Mrs A. Smalley
Ms D. Syme
Teaching Assistants Mrs F. Nicholas
Mrs D. Turley
Mrs D. McCraith
Mrs Z Gouldthorpe
Mrs B. Currell
Mrs G. Eaton
Mrs R. Fernando
Mrs D. Mrabate
Mrs A. Winter
Ms S. Hale
Mrs P. Pais
Mrs L. Ee
Miss P. Kimble
Mrs M. DiTella
Mrs J. Davies
Mrs S. Wilkinson
Mrs A. Kwiatkowska
Mrs N. Cooper
Mrs C. O'Gorman
Mrs K. Markowicz
Mrs S. Ndoda
Mrs D. Ashurst
Miss K. Henesey
Mrs C. Toms
Mrs I. Wasniowska
Mrs B. Unegbu
Miss L. Moorehouse
Mr T. Syme
Mrs M. Dzierzanowska
Nurture Lead Mrs S. Ashton
 Apprentices Miss T. Wilkin
Midday Supervisor Mrs H. Plain
Midday Supervisory Assistants
Mrs A. Wainwright
Mrs D. Parkinson
Mrs C. Parkinson
Mrs M. Jeffery
Mrs A. Rozniewska
Mrs G. Raissi
Mrs E. Parisi
Mrs G. Senanayake
Mrs M.Yapa Abeywardane
Miss S. Griffin
Mrs A. Appiah
Mrs L. Edirisinghe Arachchige
Mrs S. Quader
Catering Staff Ms A Stellon
Ms K. Fomina
Ms A. Atiyeh
 Ms E. Parsons
Mrs I. Janusaite
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School Updates

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Attendance percentage for each class.

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  • Reception


  • Year 1


  • Year 2


  • Year 3


  • Year 4


  • Year 5


  • Year 6


Whole School:

"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


Awards we have achieved so far.