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Welcome to the Sunshine class page. 

Mrs Harvey-Smith is the class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Eaton, Miss Wilkin, Mrs Cooper and Miss Freestone.This page will show you some of the exciting things the children have been doing in class and ideas for you to do at home to support learning.

The Summer Reading Challenge from the library. A great opportunity to encourage some more reading over the summer.

The Very Greedy Bee

We have had lots of fun making spiders and webs.

Work based on Diary of a spider.

One of the parents asked if I had a class photo. This is the only one I have. This was taken in October - they have all grown so much since then!

These are the Tabernacles that we made.

Look at these beans. Did anyone else grow beans?

Tadpole's Promise. I wonder what you thought?

Busy building churches

Mini beast hunting in the woods. The slugs kept trying to escape! We couldn't find any caterpillars or butterflies. Send us your mini beast photographs.Noah sent us his - Good hunting Noah!

Kandinsky Circles inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The first one is ours in case you couldn't tell)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Weeks beginning 15th and 23rd June (updated 29th June)

Top Marks math games

Have you had a go at the word problems yet?

Some amazing writing from Giselle and Noah - well done.

Week beginning 8th June - Keep the photographs coming. Look at Elaina's amazing painting.

Noah inspired us with his many brilliant bridge ideas so we made bridges for the goats to cross over the river safely.

We made trolls in school. Please send me photographs of your 3 Billy Goats Gruff work.

Week beginning 8th May - The Gingerbread Man (Week 2) Updated 22nd May

VE Day Celebrations - Have you got some VE Day photos?

Congratulations on becoming a big sister. "Here is my new baby brother"

Third Week of the Summer Term - More Goldilocks and the three bears. Updated 9th May

2nd Week of Summer Term (Someone had her birthday) - Updated 3rd May

More Easter Holiday Photos - It looks like you are working hard and having lots of fun. (Updated 15th April)

Easter Holiday photos. Have a look and see what your friends have been up to.

I am in school this week. These are the Easter Eggs that the children made.

Well done Sunshine - Lots more Home Learning photographs - updated 5.4.20

Some more Home Learning - including some Spring pictures

Some photos of Home Learning

World Book Day

A big thank you to The Friends of St Philip Howard for the new books that we received for Sunshine Class. We will enjoy reading them as a class  over the coming weeks and then they will be in our book corner for the children to enjoy.

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Stay and Read session. It was lovely to have you reading books with the children and playing our phonics game. Next Stay and Read session is on 2nd April when we hope to play some phonics bingo.

Feeling Good Week

We had the chance to meet, stroke and hold some animals. This is what the children had to say.

"The skunk smells from it's bottom if you scare it."

"I like the tortoise. Tortoises have shells on their backs. They hide in them."

"The shell is their home."

"The spider was so soft. I love spiders."  "The spider tickled."

"The meerkat was fluffy and so kind." "It was stinky."

"When I held the meerkat it was shivering."

Stay and Read (February 6th)

It was lovely to have so many parents join us for our session. As well as reading some books and taking part in some phonics activities we introduced the Phonics Bug online reading  books. If you were unable to attend and want to know how they work please feel free to pop in and ask at the end of the day. They are an excellent resource and will help the children to become more confident readers.

Here is our Information Pack for new Reception parents.

How parents can support their child with maths

This document will give you ideas about how to help your child with their maths. (There are more ideas on the CBeebies website)

Information about maths in Reception

The Police Visit - 28th January

Two police officers came to Sunshine and told us all about their job. We learned about their special uniform and went outside in the freezing cold to see the police car.Please visit our Video Resource Centre and take a look.

Forest School 27.1.20

In Forest School we had to listen very carefully and make close observations. Mrs Harvey-Smith showed us something she had found in the forest and we had to go and find something that was the same. The first time we had one thing to find, the second time two and the third time three. We had to think hard and use our eyes to look very carefully. We were very good at it though. We finished with '123 Where are you?' which is our favourite game. If you look closely at the photos you may be able to see us hiding.

22nd January 2020 - The Firefighters visit Sunshine Class

5th December 2019.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us to read and write.

Forest School 25th November

"Here we go off to Forest School, Forest School, Forest School. Here we go off to Forest school on a muddy and rainy day!" We had another exciting Forest School today, the children were happy to be out and about despite the rain and the mud. We noticed lots of changes, the trees were looking a bit bare and there were so many beautiful leaves all over the ground.

We have been learning about size and vocabulary related to size over the past week. In the forest we had to look for sticks but Mrs Harvey-Smith explained what size they needed to be (smaller than your finger, as long as your leg, etc). We hunted around the forest floor and found a selection of different sizes, at the end we had to put them in size order, we were all very good at that.

As a special treat we had hot chocolate with marshmallows - very yummy. We finished our session playing our favourite game - 1 2 3  Where are you? If you look closely at the photos you may see us hiding.

Thank you once again to the parents who joined us. We will be back in Forest School after Christmas and will need to have warm tops and bottoms please.

Forest School 25th October

We all had an amazing time playing Forest School games, cooking delicious meals in the mud kitchen and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Thank you very much to Mrs Hulley who has been leading our Forest School sessions this half term and to all the parents who have supported us. Forest school clothes are going home to be washed but please return them next half term as we plan to continue on Monday afternoons. If you can help please let us know.

Forest School 11th October

The children are all getting used to spending time in the 'forest'. We love to look and see how the trees and bushes have changed since the previous week. Today we were making mud faces, we searched around on the ground to find items to use as the features on our faces. We are becoming more creative.

Forest School - Friday 13th September

Homework Information

Phonics homework books go home on Fridays, they are expected back on the following Wednesday. Please practise the letter sounds every day.

Talk homework is sent out weekly - this homework should be easy to fit into your routine eg a chat around the dinner table. Usually this homework will be to prepare a child for a new subject we will be covering or to consolidate learning that has been happening over the week. 

Timetable for Sunshine Class

Reading and Phonics in Reception Classes

Guided Reading 

The children read their guided reading books with an adult three times a week. They do this in a small group and with a different focus each time.

 Initially we walk through the book. We look at the title, the characters, the blurb on the back and talk about the pictures. Then we will see what the children can recall and will talk in more detail about the story, read the words (looking for words / sounds that we know). All they children have opportunities to contribute, offer ideas and predictions and answer questions. On our final session we will complete a worksheet related to the book.

Home Readers 

We try to change home readers three times a week. Occasionally they may bring home a book that they have had before (it can boost their confidence to feel secure with a book).

Please spend time with your child each day looking at the book. Ask them questions to prompt them to look at the details. Sometimes you could tell the story for them to model the kind of language we are trying to encourage them to use.

As they start coming home with books with words, encourage them to use their phonics knowledge to sound out the letters and blend them to make a word. They will use the pictures to help them work out what the words say – this is fine.

Please sign to show that you have read the book and please take it out of their book bag and put it in the reading book box every morning.

This document will give you ideas for supporting your child with their phonics.

This document will give you ideas on how to support your child with their reading.

High Frequency Words

There are over 50 high frequency words (words which the children will come across regularly in their reading and writing) that we would like the children to know by sight before they leave Reception. Some of these words are phonetic (which means the children can sound them out) other are “tricky” and will just have to be learnt.

We will send home tricky words as part of phonics homework. A sticky label on a page will indicate the tricky words we are learning that week during phonics. You may find it useful to write them out on individual pieces of card. It would be good for the children to practise writing these words too as it will help them to remember them when they want to use them in their writing. 

We are aware that all children learn at a different pace but would encourage you to spend time working with these words every day to ensure that your child does not fall too far behind.



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